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    six pack pro's and con's?

    Here's mine in a 69 gtx
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    Alternator bracket

    If the car is an A.C car the bracket does tie into the mount.
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    Core support & inner panels

    Kramer did have the repo fender wells.I think they are still selling them.That is where i got mine from.I hope they look better now.
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    Core support & inner panels

    Years ago i brought repo new panels for my 62.I returned them they were too wavy for me.Think waves in the ocean.I found used ones which was a whole lot better.I always thought 62-65 inner fenders were the same.When you buy them they say they are the same.
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    Proper Fender Tag Etiquette

    What every is acceptable to you.It's your car.Don't worry about what people say.
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    WTB: 65 B body door hinges

    Isn't 62- 65 hingles the same?
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    1968 Coronet Parts Car

    As many ads that you have placed selling different items!Are you sure you wasn't aware of where you placed the for sale ad?
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    1964-1965 Distibutor Dual Point Max Wedge

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    Need some info.. Max wedge exhaust

    Well you can go buy a set of repops.If they don't work return them.
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    1969 Road Runner Six Pack Hood

    www.glasstek.com I have brought a six pack hood from them also a cowl hood which i am using now.
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    not sure what to do need help

    Rad support from any 62-65 b body will work.I don't think you will have to use a spring relocation kit or mini tub kit to get the rear to work.Measure your pads and just move them if you have to or sell the 67 rear and find one out of a 65 b body.Double check the pad spacing to make sure on the 67.
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    Need to find a power steering pump

    What car also do you have the mounting brackets?
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    Swapping K member on 62 Belvedere

    Any pictures under the car around the oil pan k frame area? Would like to see how the pan fits in the car.Thank you
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    70' C body drivetrain in B body?

    I know it will be too wide.You can find the b body rear end for about $100.00-$150.00.The only different should be the lenght on the wires.You can sell the chrysler rear end.
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    70' C body drivetrain in B body?

    Yes it will drop right in engine,trans rear end too wide,driveshaft get shorted or get new one.Wiring harness dist,coil will be too short.
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    rear end swap

    Contact [email protected] he has what you need.Kit to update the 62-64 rear end axles to the updated 65 plus axles and disc brake kit.
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    Swapping K member on 62 Belvedere

    So what pan did you use? Have you got the engine in the car?
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    70' C body drivetrain in B body?

    The rear end is too wide and you will need a driveshaft or get that one shorten.What type of b body and what engine is in it now?
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    Disc break conversion ???

    Pictures would help.