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  1. davidarch90

    Hey all!

    Welcome from one ‘68 Owner to another.
  2. davidarch90

    California Refugee in Neva-duh

    Welcome. Nice collection of cars. Love the A12 "Pickle"!
  3. davidarch90

    Spring Fling 35 Apr 15&16, 2023 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Making plans to get the Coronet up there.
  4. davidarch90

    Thanks for adding me!

    Welcome, Nice Fury!
  5. davidarch90

    New member

    Welcome! Pictures?
  6. davidarch90

    New to the forum, from NE Ohio

    Welcome from Southern Ca. Would like to see some pictures.
  7. davidarch90

    Did I just join a cult? 1966 Dodge Coronet

    Welcome! Great story with the family vacation aspect.
  8. davidarch90

    Dusty old dude from Texas

    Congradulation on the purchase of a beautiful Coronet and 53 years of marriage!
  9. davidarch90

    Magnum in South Carolina

    Congratulations on your purchase and the ability to recapture a bit of your youth. Nice color combination too!
  10. davidarch90

    New to B-Bodies

    Great looking Charger, congratulations on your purchase.
  11. davidarch90

    Pics from Back in the Day

    My Father-in-Law's Hemi Coronet R/T back in the day (1969) towing his handmade boat to and from Lake Almanor, California. Honored to be the next caretaker of this Unrestored Survivor.
  12. davidarch90

    So....I turned 61 today

    Happy Belated Birthday. Beautiful story and beautifully written - you have a gift.
  13. davidarch90

    Chris(OTOT1) new member

    Greetings from Southern California. Beautiful Coronet. I love the picture of your newly washed car with the buckets and rag included - shows your excitement to have the Coronet! I have a '68 survivor Coronet as well. Possibly we could share information if needed.
  14. davidarch90

    Van Nuys Spring Fling 2022 date is set!

    Hey Kern Dog, it was nice meeting you at the show and you have a beautiful Charger. I had that same RPM question for my Father-in-Law. He said he was just above 6000 RPM’s at 150 MPH. Another funny thing about that same story is he discovered a driveline vibration and took it back to dealer in...
  15. davidarch90

    Van Nuys Spring Fling 2022 date is set!

    Thank you for the shout out to my Father-in-Law and his Coronet. Glad you were at the show – I would have liked to meet you. It was an incredible weekend for him and one he thought would never happen when he gave me his car 2 years ago. You are correct, his emotions came flooding back on the...
  16. davidarch90

    '68 Coronet 440 to R/T Clone

    Your Coronet restoration is incredible. Thank you for all the documentation.
  17. davidarch90

    WTB 1968 Coronet Original Bucket Seat Covers (white)

    I'm trying to restore a 1968 Coronet to original as possible. I would like to replace my non-original front bucket seat bottoms with "used" originals . Some tears okay. I would also like to replace the rear seat covers with used. So, if you have replaced your old white seat covers with new, and...
  18. davidarch90

    Michigan 68 Coronet

    1 Wild R/T, Thanks for noticing... The 68 was giving to me by my step-father-in-law. It is an un-restored hemi R/T, Auto. that he ordered new from Napa Valley Dodge. It has been parked in his Nor Cal hanger since the mid 90's. I took possession about 2 years ago and slowly got it back on the...
  19. davidarch90

    Michigan 68 Coronet

  20. davidarch90

    Michigan 68 Coronet

    Welcome from California. Beautiful Coronet and great color.