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  1. moparpat

    1965 satellite project

    2dr hardtop,buckets console,white/red int org 273 car 273 gone.extra parts to go with it.lost interest can mail pics to you. 2500 or b/o car in nj [email protected]
  2. moparpat

    My buddies 65 Coronet.

    sweet car:D
  3. moparpat

    Mopar of the month.

    congrats Ron!!!
  4. moparpat

    Old Superstock Pics

    great site !!
  5. moparpat

    Better Off Dead - the movie

    good flic nice camaro.
  6. moparpat

    Daddy's little helper

    happy birthday!!!!
  7. moparpat

    64 Dodge coming home today

    pics man pics
  8. moparpat

    My new B-body!

    nice solid start,looks better with the cop rims! good luck with it.
  9. moparpat

    Here's my 69

    very nice i like the odd or not so popular color schemes.
  10. moparpat

    Is Mopar a genetic disease?

    might be dad had a 70 440 cuda,uncle had a 71 340 4spd runner,i have had many currently 3 mopars at my house!!
  11. moparpat

    Your favorite 62-65 B-body ?

    63 dodges but i like them all!
  12. moparpat

    This is awesome!!

    http://www.1962to1965mopar.ornocar.com/welcome.html :yes:
  13. moparpat

    This is awesome!!

    c,mon get with the program :p
  14. moparpat

    This is awesome!!

    i got one for sale,if interested pm me.
  15. moparpat

    can we have fun?

    yes you could test the boundaries real fast:p
  16. moparpat

    pics of b-bodies i owned in the past..

    i like in order the 65,68,67
  17. moparpat

    This is awesome!!

    i agree great new site!!!