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  1. SIX TO GO

    Newby from Ohio

    Come on down!! Would love to have someone to go rumble around the hood with. Extremely quiet down here. Big retirement community here so everywhere I go people in their 60s and older are happy to come up and see the car. It reminds them of their youth.
  2. SIX TO GO

    Hey All

    Freaking gorgeous! That’s got to be a hoot to drive.
  3. SIX TO GO

    Hello, new 1966 Dodge Charger owner

    Congrats on your purchase and welcome. Beautiful car. The more you use it the more tweaking you’ll find necessary but that’s all part of the game. You got a toy to play with: part of that play includes roasting the tires..I mean, cruising around and another part of playing with it includes...
  4. SIX TO GO

    1966 Dodge Coronet 500

    Twin brother from a different mother! I can see how it might appeal to you! You don’t know of any good stock photographs taken during 1966 or so that show very clearly how the inside of the car looked by chance do you? I’m very interested in what the exact color combinations of everything...
  5. SIX TO GO

    Hello from Manitoba

    Welcome to FBBO. A great place to learn and connect. You want to thrill some people, post some pictures of your old cars.
  6. SIX TO GO

    Hello B Body folks

    Welcome to FBBO. A great place to learn and connect. Very cool tag, looks to be well optioned.
  7. SIX TO GO

    Newby from Ohio

    Welcome to FBBO. A great place to learn and connect.
  8. SIX TO GO

    1966 Dodge Coronet 500

    Ahhhh…Arizona: the land of virtually rust free classics. Thanks!
  9. SIX TO GO

    1966 Dodge Coronet 500

    Thanks! G, day to you!
  10. SIX TO GO

    My B Body

    Welcome! Now that you’ve had it a while let’s see how it looks in the front, under the hood, inside and tell us what you’ve managed to learn about your new toy. I too am a very recent owner of a 1966 Coronet 500.
  11. SIX TO GO

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome from Bradenton, Florida.
  12. SIX TO GO

    1966 Dodge Coronet 500

    Thanks! I agree on the Magnum road wheels, I’ve always wanted a car with them on it. I got a factory sales brochure with the car I found in the trunk and in it, as a centerfold, is this picture. I’m guessing the 500’s came with these hubcaps and white walls. Another thing I noticed from the...
  13. SIX TO GO

    FNG from FL Howdy!

    Guess I’m the new FNG from Florida as I just posted something very similar earlier today and now stumbled upon you. I’m in Bradenton, Florida. What part are you in? My bad, just checked your profile and saw. Wish we were a little closer. Cheers!
  14. SIX TO GO

    1966 Dodge Coronet 500

    Hey there fellow Mopar aficionados. I’m not really new to the club as a professional lurker for a couple of years looking to buy a car that my taste buds and checkbook can agree upon but, I am a novice at posting. I’ve had (past tense) a few cars over the years: 4 A bodies, 1 B body and 1 E...