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  1. BryonW

    FOR SALE 70 Plymouth headlight parts

    No problem!
  2. BryonW

    FOR SALE 70 Plymouth headlight parts

    Do you still have these?
  3. BryonW

    Rally dash

    Thank you, I knew it couldn't be that easy lol.
  4. BryonW

    Rally dash

    I don't have a rally dash in my 70 satellite. Can I swap the gauges with rally gauges or is there more to it? Thanks Bryon
  5. BryonW

    New guy from IL

    Welcome from central Illinois! It sure seems like there's a lot of us from this "wonderful" state!
  6. BryonW

    Let's see some engine shots !

    Still some cleaning up to do.
  7. BryonW

    Headlights cut out

    That was what I was thinking. It didn't do it until the lights had been on for awhile.
  8. BryonW

    Headlights cut out

    The lights cut out whether the brights are on or off. I wasn't clear on that. But all of the lights that are on shut off.
  9. BryonW

    Headlights cut out

    All 4 headlights cut out intermittently. They come back on and it doesn't matter if the brights are on or not. This is on a 70 Satellite. Where should I start? Thanks Bryon
  10. BryonW

    Picture of my 70 Plymouth

  11. BryonW

    Hello from Illinois

    Hey all! Life long Mopar fan and owner here. I just recently purchased a 70 Satellite Sport so I'm sure I will be asking way too many questions. I've owned and currently own several Mopars but this is my first "muscle car"