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  1. bc3j

    1965 Coronet rear drivers wheel hot to touch after drive

    I had a similar problem which turned out to be out of round drums. There’s only a couple of shops in my area that even have the equipment to turn drums. Both my rear drums were brand new Bendix (China) and out of round right out of the box. Once turned problem was solved.
  2. bc3j

    Steering Coupler Question

    I bought an aftermarket coupler for power steering that did not have a master spline. Went on easily, but was wobbly in the mesh which translated back to the steering wheel as loose steering. I soaked my OEM unit in evapo-rust and installed new shoes. Steering is now tight. Maybe I got a bad...
  3. bc3j

    70 Road Runner - Plug & Play LED Tail/Stop Lights?

    For me stock parking light bulbs and LED taillights, the stock flasher worked. LED parking lights and LED taillights required an electronic flasher. I used a neutral polarity flasher, grounded to the ashtray frame, so I didn’t have to mess with the factory plug. My stock hazard flasher still...
  4. bc3j

    front suspension kit and disk brake kit options...so many to choose...

    Factory manual based brake system also. With the Bendix 11.75” rotors I used I knock out the Chinese wheel bearing races and install Timken.
  5. bc3j

    Disc/Drum Combination Distribution Valve - where to buy that DOESN'T LEAK??

    I use this style with DOT 3 fluid. No leaks.
  6. bc3j

    Ammeter Quick Question and 95 AMP alternator question

    My fleet by-pass took the charge wires from alternator through the firewall to the ammeter and from the ammeter back through the firewall to the starter relay. The bulkhead was by-passed. My ammeter remains in the circuit and fully functional. Crackedback’s kit was headlights only.
  7. bc3j

    Ammeter Quick Question and 95 AMP alternator question

    FWIW I did the fleet by-pass with 10 gauge wire, used Crackedback’s kit and LEDs everywhere but the headlights, which are OEM seal beams, with no problems with a stock 60 amp alternator. I put an amp clamp meter on and get 15 amps at idle, in gear @775 rpm, no lights. With lights on I get 17...
  8. bc3j

    64 polara front disc brake conversion

    So do I. I don’t find it that hard to push. Car stops great. Stops like my Acura. Side note: I used all Mopar sourced parts. The Mopar parts work well together.
  9. bc3j

    Best 14" tires? Cooper, Mastercraft, BFG, General, or???

    I’ve been running V rated 235/60-15 Vitour Galaxy R1 tires for a year now. Took my BFGs off. Vitour letters stay white. So far so good. Like the tires. I believe Vitour tires are also available in 14”.
  10. bc3j

    Manual brakes are scary

    My brakes are manual. I used all Mopar source parts for the brakes, 1.031 master from Dr Diff, 11.75” rotors, semi-metallic pads and the car stops just like my Acura. No problems.
  11. bc3j

    Steering gear question

    The biggest problem I had with steering slop was the aftermarket coupler. Fit loose on the worm gear like it was slightly oversized. Even had new shoes installed, but still sloppy. Cleaned my OEM unit, put in new shoes and slop is gone. Steers great with a totally stock box.
  12. bc3j

    What’s best? Orig. Mopar setup or aftermarket proportioning valve?

    I use the original system used after 1-1–1970 with metering valve. Works great.
  13. bc3j

    residual valve with proportioning valve

    I believe in 1975 they stopped putting residual valves in the MC and started with expanders in the rear wheel cylinders. I have no residual valves in my MC and nothing inline and I have no trouble with braking. The Disc O Tech brake article references the lack of residual valves and expanders in...
  14. bc3j

    New tires

    Think so. Free shipping at the time. They processed my order quickly. Took a few days delivery since I’m in Ohio. Tried 235/60-15 Vitour Galaxy R1 tires as an experiment. So far so good.
  15. bc3j

    New tires

    Got mine from performanceplustire.com.
  16. bc3j

    New brake master cylinder?

    Sent him an email and seems he recommends the bigger bore 1 1/32 for me though and thats the one out of stock.. That’s the one I use. Works good.
  17. bc3j

    Crappy BF Goodrich'

    As an experiment, I took my Radial TAs off and put on Vitour RWL V rated tires. They’re 235/60-15. So far only about 800 miles on them so the jury is still out. Right now, so far so good. The letters are still white.
  18. bc3j

    Rattle in the rear

    I had a loose upper shock mount making a rattling sound. Tighten up both sides. Good to go.
  19. bc3j

    Disc Brake conversion - can’t get pedal pressure

    Dr. Diff also. Carefully check the front port thread size of the MC on the generic kits. A lot use the GM type with a 9/16-18 threads while Mopar is 9/16-20.
  20. bc3j

    Turn Signal Flasher with In-Line Fuse -- for LEDs maybe?

    I used a neutral polarity turn signal flasher with the flasher’s wire grounded to the ash tray frame. No inline fuses. Works fine. Plugs into the factory plug.