66 Coronet Deluxe Station Wagon

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  • 1966 Dodge Coronet Deluxe station wagon. Body and paint is 95% original and the interior is all original except for the carpet. 415 Indy stroker motor, dyno'd at 539hp and 527lb/ft of torque. 727 transmission with reverse manual valve body. Drivetrain Specialties Dana 60 rear with 4.10 gears and Strange axles. Cal-tracs out back and disc brake conversion up front. Been thru a bunch of wheel/tire combo changes in the last 3 years that I have owned it, and settled back to Cragars and Mickey T, ET Street tires.

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  1. bearman
    Nice and fast
  2. halojumper
    Cool wagon.
  3. scot
    Sweet Wagon. Looks a lot like mine I had back in the 90's.
  4. watermelon
    very nice. love the paint; would like to get a look at some real 66 gold up close.
  5. HP Mopar
    Beautiful Coronet! I was admiring it a while back before you purchased it, but with a kid going to college, I could only dream.....

    I'm still looking for my fathers 66 Coronet 440 wagon. Factory 383 with a 4 speed he ordered new:

    Version 1

    version 2

    version 3

    Final version
  6. bearman
    You put together a great family wagon. Its just a great look 5 stars plus
  7. FrnkNsteen
    That is cool!! I knew a guy up in Minnesota that had a 64 dodge wagon. I think it's cool when guys preserve the old wagons and 4 doors. They can be cool too!! I saw a '62 Dart wagon at a show once that I would have loved to have. He just wanted too much for the condition it was in.
  8. bearman
    that is a great ride. i pray mine turns out half that nice
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    1. Reveye
      Thanks bearman.
      Reveye, Feb 14, 2018
  9. Preachr
    One awesome lookin wagon. Love the color and the lights, everything looks great, good job.
      Reveye likes this.
    1. Reveye
      Thanks!! The high beams are going to be true "ram air", once I relocate the battery. The look right now is from the old school ram air cars that the racers used to run.
      Reveye, Feb 13, 2018
  10. YellowDodge67
    Beautiful car. Any time slips?
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    1. Reveye
      Only ran it once and didn't keep the slip..........Most of the time, in the social media circle, times mean nothing without the slip. I only ran it to see about where I was time-wise, and was very happy with the results. It's faster than I need it to be for sure.
      Reveye, Feb 13, 2018
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