My 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE

I've sold my Charger and will miss it a lot after having owned it for the past 32 years. Many thanks to all who have viewed my post and commented over the years. I'll now be leaving the B Body community but will remember you with great fondness. Be well all, and keep supporting and inspiring one another! cruiser
Gorgeous car. Hard to imagine a better looking example of the era, really...
Be safe, Godspeed.
- Ed
The car has been sold. Thanks to all who looked.
My Charger is now for sale for the price of $89,500. Not accepting offers or trades, thanks. 32,856 non original miles on the odometer as of 3/1/2023. The sale price includes: A box of spare parts, a full set of tinted date coded glass (less the windshield) to include the correct tinted right quarter window with the "Airtemp" decal, seventeen trophies that the car has won, a set of Chrysler demo operative 8-Track tapes along with some other tapes in a vintage carry case, all maintenance records and receipts, and a poorly fitting but heavy duty car cover. Richard Petty has signed the driver's sun shade (twice). See the attached photo. The car is ready to drive. Good tread on the Goodyear NASCAR tires but they're older so the next owner should probably replace them. Small transmission leak somewhere which should be easy to fix. A gorgeous car looking for a new owner who appreciates what they will have. PM me if seriously interested. Located in Minneapolis. Thanks - cruiser


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