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1965 Dodge Engine Code = 99. Which Engine Is It?


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Apr 23, 2023
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I'm looking at a 1965 Dodge Custom 880 Convertible for sale (1 of 1,416) and am wondering which engine it has. I know it's a C body but I'm not a member over there so I thought I'd throw it out here for any info available. The engine code is 99 and the info I found says that it is 'standard CID engine 8 cyl (w/positive crankcase ventilation system). I would think that the standard engine for that model in 65 would be the 383, but the seller says that it's a 413 wedge. He also told me someone else tried to tell him it's a 361. I'm not sure why they have a 99 code when they have one or more codes for all the engine options. As you can see on the pic, the 99 also appears above the engine code on the far left of the top row. I don't know what that means. I also couldn't find what the X-6 means on the alphabet row. I know a pic of the engine will tell the tale but there isn't one on the ad and I didn't think to request one when I asked for the fender tag pic. I will ask for that tomorrow as the guy is 79 years old and contacted me in the morning, not the evening. It may take a day or so to hear back. Just thought I might be able to get some info in the meantime. Any help is always appreciated!

Dude! It was built on 4/20! Lol. I'm no help on that, 99 usually means a special equipment of some sort tho. I once had a 72 challenger with the 999 paint code and it was plum crazy purple, not available that year, but there it was in front of me.
I think the 361 wasn't available
but the 426 wedge was...
My best guess is it's the standard engine...which would be a 383 2 barrel for a 880. But I am no expert on the fender tags. Possibly 99 is for emissions maybe required in california?

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There was also the Chrysler 300L, 413 4 barrel. Not many 426 Street Wedge cars in 65.
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