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1966 383 4 speed chargers


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Jun 4, 2012
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For supposedly under 3,000 383 4 speed chargers there are still alot of them around. I havnt actually seen this as a fact that there were this few made. The only guys that have told me this are the ones that own a 383 4 speed. When i got mine, i thought it was rare, two years later i noticed they MIGHT be uncommon but certainly not rare.

Has anyone actually seen 66/67 charger production figures?
what kind of numbers you want? Total production? Engine & trans combo?

I got figures here if ya want, just need to know what you want to find out.

I got 2 of the OE 4spd cars here

- - - Updated - - -

361 4spd cars - 468 made
383 4spd cars - 2,809 made
426 4spd cars- 250 made

318 3spd manual trans cars- 779 made (how many of these have you seen?? I have seen 4)
agreed on the Inland...still running them in both of mine
I know most of you are familiar with this mod, but I just finished this project and am thrilled with the results...
I bought an old $10 Hurst handle, cut off the bottom 3", welded on a plate and drilled holes to bolt the Inland Handle to it and bolted on the Inland handle. I found the correct Hurst shift mechanism used, and now have a Hurst shift mechanism and an original Inland shift handle. Best of both worlds.
Ah, just seems like there are alot of them out there still
Just to make you feel better...mines an auto.
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