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1966 Coronet Going from Power steering to manual


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Jul 17, 2012
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Central Ohio
Hey everyone!
My 66s steering box is so sloppy and shot. I would like to go with manual steering instead of power steering. What all do I need to convert it? A friend of mine said an adaptor is needed. I would appreciate any info you can give me!
Thank you!
Remove, PS pump, bracket, and sector. Replace with manual steering box. There are a couple of ways to hook it up:
1. Change the steering shaft in your column.
2. Find an adapter to lengthen the existing steering shaft.
If you want to go further, change the crankshaft pulley, from a double belt to a single belt.
The adapter used to be easy to source, but I haven't seen one advertised in quite some time.
Im thinking of a PST 16:1 manual steering box. Another question. Do these come pre centered so i can just put my pitman arm on the way it is, or do i have to find center when i get it hooked up?
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