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1966 Plymouth Belvedere I correct Hemi fender emblem location?


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May 8, 2013
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Charles City, IA
Hello Everyone,

I am considering the purchase of a factory 426 Hemi 1966 Plymouth Belvedere I. The car "seems" to check out so far with the exception of the location of the 426 Hemi emblems on the front fenders. They are in the front center. To my understanding early production cars had a HP2 emblem in this location and later cars had the 426 Hemi emblem in the lower rear. What constitutes early production? The car I'm looking at was built in March. I've only looked at the car in photos, not in person. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Any Hemi Belvederes built after Jan.1, 1966 would have a 426 HEMI sign located behind the wheel well of the front fender. Cars built before Dec. 31, 1965 were HP2 cars, and these signs were mounted in the location you mention.
Another thread where a picture would tell a thousand words.

Early, one of 53 Plymouths...
1966plymouthsathp2 232.jpg

1966plymouthsathp2 072.jpg

Yours being a March build should be 426 Hemi behind the tire as Dave pointed out.