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    68 Charger R/T rotisseried unfinished project up for sale. No expense was spared during the restoration process of this Charger to get it up to this point. This is a true XS Code Charger R/T, red, black interior 440 automatic. Most of the major bodywork is pretty much done. Only bodywork left to do is the left fender is dented up along with some rot and there is some minor rust around the front and back glass roof area. Thats pretty much it. The vinyl top was left on so if someone wanted to put a new top on you can use it as a template for location holes of the mouldings before pulling it off the rest of the way. Most of the car was left unprimed so you know exactly whats been done. All body panels professionally replaced by body tech with over 40 years experience. There is new full 1/4 panels, left and right inner and outer wheelhousings, left and right trunk floor dropoffs, 1 piece trunk floor, rear valance and both corners, tailight panel, rear window filler and underside plenum, under rear seat ,1 piece front floor, left and right footwells, left and right inner rockers, left and right inner fenders, upper cowl panel, left and right outer door skins and right front fender, 1/4 seams are finished at the roof line and rocker panels. Floors all seam sealed. Most of the car is pretty much ready to prime and block it down and your ready to paint, It won't take much at this point to paint the car. Car was blasted on the underside where needed, welds grounded,mounted on rotisserie. Underside was all prepped and is already painted the original factory red along with the engine bay area and wheelhousings. Interior will need seat covers, carpet, door panels,package tray. I have the front and rear glass mouldings along with the drip rail mouldings and top of door and 1/4 mouldings. One of the vinyl top side mouldings is missing .I do have the front and rear bumpers. Door glass and vent assemblies are there. Grille is pretty nice. Missing 1 vaccuum pod. There is a 440 that goes with the car. It is not the original engine to the car, but a good useable 440 with tranny. Charger has been off the road since 1994. There is an old PA inspection sticker on the windshield that expired in 1993 showing the car at that time having 103,952 miles on it. Odometer now shows 108,110 so that is true mileage on the car. I have well over 10K invested just in parts, paint ,materials etc alone. Another 15K invested in labor cost to get it to this point, plus what I initially paid for the car, so I have it priced very fairly for whats been done, what it is and what your getting. Serious inquiries only please. Not interested in any trades and please don't bother with any lowball offers. Its a 68 Charger R/T and I have no intentions of giving it away. I have a lot of money invested into it. I'll keep it and finish it up at a later date. Clear PA title in my name. No fender tag or build sheet. 35,000.00. Below is a list of new parts installed on the car.

    Left 1/4 Panel (full) 600
    Left Outer Wheel housing 160
    Left Inner Wheel housing 170
    Left Trunk Floor Dropoff 150
    Left Valance Corner 80
    Left Spring Perch 130
    Right 1/4 Panel (full) 600
    Right Outer Wheel housing 160
    Right Inner Wheel housing 170
    Right Trunk Floor Dropoff 150
    Right Valance Corner 80
    Right Spring Perch 130
    Deck Filler Panel 310
    Deck Filler Underside Plenum 250
    Taillight Panel 470
    Rear Valance Panel 300
    Trunk Floor (full 1 piece) 400
    Under Rear Seat Panel 400
    Front Floor Pan (full) 500
    Left Inner Rocker Panel 270
    Right Inner Rocker Panel 270
    Left Inner Fender 215
    Right Inner Fender 215
    Upper Cowl Panel 400
    Left Door Skin 310
    Right Door Skin 310
    Right Front Fender 750

    IMG_2276[1].JPG IMG_2286[1].JPG IMG_2281[1].JPG IMG_2279[1].JPG IMG_2253[1].JPG IMG_2254[1].JPG IMG_2262[1].JPG IMG_2263[1].JPG IMG_2261[1].JPG IMG_2290[1].JPG
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