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1969 Charger Power Steering and Pitman Arm

68n69 Charger

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5:16 PM
Sep 1, 2019
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Good evening you wise people ;)! I have a '69 Charger that I am putting power steering in. Question, how do I know what steering box and most importantly what pitman arm do I get? I've heard of two different types/lengths that are available and that I should measure to make sure that I get the right one. I have a big block k-member and stock suspension. I am not building a numbers matching car, so it does not need to be factory, so it can be a smaller unit size-wise. Any experience or suggestion for a power steering box? I've seen the Borgeson box, but are there any others that I should consider?

Thanks in advance!!!!
The stock pitman arm fits an 1 1/8" sector shaft, so you need a power box with that size shaft in order to use your pitman arm. Borgeson boxes come in either of the two sizes, and most pre 73 A B E bodies come with the 1 1/8" shaft. A simple pitman arm change will be required if you use a box with the 1 1/4" shaft.
For sure, whip out a set of calipers and measure the shaft diameter. Your car SHOULD have the 1.125" shaft size. But...
you are dealing with an old car that may have had the box replaced and they used the 1.25" shaft. If you don't have a set of calipers, buy or borrow some. They are much cheaper than the freight expense on returning the box because you supplied the wrong information.
I will be starting from scratch. I have neither Pitman arm nor steering box, so I'll be buying both new. I'll need to coordinate the Pitman arm length, so the factory suspension will align correctly once I have it all assembled. Sounds like I will get the 1 1/8" diameter, for the '69. Do I need to do any checking on the length of the Pitman? Hopefully, they are all the same length and just have different shaft diameters. You all are so helpful and I appreciate the help!
I would personally use the larger spline unit due to better availability of the later pitman arm.The gear boxes are identical in every other way. the larger spline is going to be stronger also.