2016 END-OF-YEAR SALE....20% OFF!


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    Celebrating the end of another year – we are giving out a 20% discount to all orders effective until December 19th.

    Mention redemption code CP20 to receive your discount. Redemption code may be used more than one time.

    Excludes NOS and USED parts, custom orders, Ebay items, and items listed on our website "Hot Deals" section, and services and any parts listed as “discount exempt”. Seat upholstery, Carpets and door panels are limited to 10% off retail . Other exclusions may apply.

    Place your orders on-line at www.laysons.com or call us at 1-877-930-4088.

    Be sure to mention the email discount so we can make sure you get the discount applied to your purchase.

    For web orders, enter the redemption code in the comments box on your order to receive your discount.

    Also – Pre-Purchase GIFT CARDS this way as well and purchase an additional 20% discount to be used in the future. Purchase a minimum of $100 gift card and received 20% more purchasing power ($120 in this example) for the future. A great way to build in savings or get more purchasing power for your buck !

    Offer expires December 19th, 2016.

    This discount cannot be applied to any previously placed order nor can it be used in conjunction with any other promotion that is currently being run by Layson's Restorations Inc.
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