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WTB 340 Intake Manifold & Thermoquad

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Sep 5, 2011
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Greetings Diehards!

Looking for a 340 manifold, part #3512100 and a Thermoquad for a 1971 Charger. If anyone can help me out with a father/daughter project, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I may have a stock 340 intake at home. I will check the part number tonight. I am not sure if 71 and 72 have the same part numbers but if they do, its your for $50 plus shipping.
Manifolds are out there. 71 340 TQs are a bit of a challenge because they are one year only due to the air/fuel metering change the next year. GL.
Right on. I meet guy who has a 71 TQ, it needs rebuilding & wants $395 for it. I'm not sure if that's a good price??? Thoughts?
Right on. I meet guy who has a 71 TQ, it needs rebuilding & wants $395 for it. I'm not sure if that's a good price??? Thoughts?

No it is not! A fully rebuilt to a restoration level is about that price. Check with Scoot "Harms" for carbs and resto work on them.

A used up in need of a rebuild TQ should roughly be in the $50 - $100 range. Condition dependent.

Pictured below are 3 TQ that I have (&I are not for sale) and what I paid for them shipped to me.

International Harvester 392 HEMI - $65
Actual 900cfm "Race" TQ = $225
SuperQuad, over the counter replacement carb with electric choke - $125
All carbs have been run apon delivery. No rebuilding of any of the pictured carbs.

It is. I reached out to Scott H as well. Another great enthusiast who is helping us out.
I need to find some doors and a decklid next. It's an original car (bought new by my God Mother & kept in the family all this time) with only 74k on it that needs some TLC now, but my daughter & I are excited about doing it.
Oh yea man! Nice, real nice. It is super awesome that is a father daughter project.
Scott H is a awesome fella. If you didn't figure that out already it will become obvious soon enough.
71 is a one year carb for the 340 very hard to find lots of $ !!!!! You need to tell what your trans is so you get the correct carb. This is not a $50 to $100.00 carb !
I have a 71 intake, I think it has a Holley on it I'll check
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