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340 stock cam question

John,Please post your findings when you call Melling. Information is always good.
Well, the call to Melling tech support was pretty useless. The tech said they use the Chrysler specs on the SPD-22. I told him that with all the years and models of 340 and 360 they show the cam to cover (1970-1981) I was sure Chrysler used a different cam in a 1970 340 Challenger vs. a 1981 360 Ramcharger. He claimed that they get their info from Chrysler and the SPD-22 was the same grind used in all the years and models they show in their application list. Asked if he meant it would work or was it actually the same cam profile, he claimed the cams were all the same. I'm not buying that, but my research goes on.
Imo, you’re over thinking it.
All 340’s except the 68 4 speeds used the same cam.
And yes, that same spec cam was used in many other HP SB’s thru the years.
Imo, you’re over thinking it.
All 340’s except the 68 4 speeds used the same cam.
And yes, that same spec cam was used in many other HP SB’s thru the years.
Thanks, after 30+ years out of the engine building hobby I'm sure I am overthinking it! Last engine I built was during the AOL dial-up days and online research didn't exist. Just went to the local speed shop and took their advice. What threw me was when the tech guy specified a 1981 truck or van with a 360 would have the exact same cam as a performance car. Seemed like the question of an HP 340 cam was something he just didn't understand. Doing some research it seems the SPD-22 is close to the factory HP cam with about the same lift and a bit more duration. Thanks everyone!
Just gonna throw in my 2 cents...
In the 80s I drove my high comp. (10.3)
340 daily. It had a re-ground cam that was approximately 284 dur, 445 lift, 4 speed and 3.23 SG. I balanced the engine where I worked and once you got rolling it wound quickly to 6500 rpm! But...here's the butt, for a driver, I would think there is a better grind to produce a stronger bottom end...more of an RV grind? Anybody wanna chime in on that?
At one time we use to put the 204/214 cams in almost every stock mild performance engine we built. Never used anything but stock valve springs with those cams. Lost track of how many we used. One was a 360 for a 73 Road Runner with the 204/214 cam, stock 2bbl valve springs, log manifolds, performer intake with 2.73 gears. It was ok. But after being around both the SPD-22 and and 204/214s in low compresssiom engines, I can’t say that smaller cam helped the low end power over a stock 340 cam much, and does loose some top end HP. FWIW.. If I did the 360 in 73 Road Runner over again I would use the 340 cam over the 204/214.

The SPD-22 was used in a lot of low compression 340 and 360s.

Adding the the 204/214 to a 340 is making the car have a bit less HP than it was when it was stock. Not too cool.
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Have Oregon Cams (or another cam grinder) regrind your stock cam.

A stock Mopar cam is ground to take advantage of the 903 lifter diameter...those big name shelf cams are ground for a Chevy lifter. Big difference.

Make sure yours is made for the Mopar lifter.