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440 Spark Plug wire separators


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Apr 30, 2023
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Question: On the driver's side on the exhaust manifold stud closest to the front of the engine there is a spark plug wire separator (four prongs). It is downward facing. So it appears you need to remove the separator entirely, i.e., disconnect it from the manifold stud--to change the wires, as the wires will not pass through between the separator and the block/head to change them one at a time. Is there another way? Is this the way it is supposed to be? Thanks for any insights.
beerestoration2017 760.JPG
Great photo. On mine, the separator is reversed and faces the engine instead of facing outward. Thank you!
I know these photos are not the greatest--hard to get the camera in there. Are you saying the one I have is the wrong one? That's certainly possible. Anyone have a photo of the right one for the 71--or is it the same as the 69?


Not sure exactly what a 71 has, but that looks like it would be correct for a 67 on the passenger side.
Thanks Jerry--you are probably right. I'll track down the correct one somewhere.
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