FOR SALE 66 Coronet Steering Wheel 225.00

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    Black in color, complete, full circle horn ring. Two very thin cracks in rim , hardly visible. Larger cracks around the hub on the reverse side, really not visible. Wheel is solid, chrome is nothing to be ashamed of at a show. 225.00 plus shipping obo

    7D273E07-FDDF-4EDF-A2D2-56418F2388BD.jpeg 166D5FE0-655A-4253-8E5D-08AF11148D4C.jpeg B7E64399-CC98-49D3-B7CE-ADE21338EAB8.jpeg 7ABB4C8A-F4B0-4DE5-8C4F-631E64DE306A.jpeg 59B6BF20-A779-4415-8E4A-547A2C9F8BD5.jpeg F930E0BC-9B29-4EC1-90FB-E585D96D5370.jpeg 1B2EA01B-308A-4CF1-AFBE-92B7F55075D5.jpeg 8766D474-AEF2-46DC-88AD-A614BCB7D4B2.jpegView attachment 982111
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