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67 BII 440ci 727 trans - Late shifting transmission


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Mar 2, 2010
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Montebello CA
Ok, I finally installed my lokar trans and throttle cable & support bracket.

I got the trans cable adjusted to kick down around 75% throttle.

The problem Im having is the transmission is shifting too late.

Shifting from 1st-2nd gear happens at 25mph no matter how fast or slow I accelerate.

2nd-3rd gear doesnt even happen all the way up to 45-50mph... I havent gone any faster to see when I get a 3rd gear change since the car doesnt really seem like it wants to get close to shifting into 3rd, now... what can I do or what needs to be done to get this transmission to shift at lower speeds?
Maybe it's normal.:edgy: I'd like to know myself, so I no what to expect whenever I get mine that far.
Heres the info I got from another site regarding shift points.

1960 automatic transmission tuning TorqueFlite (V8) TorqueFlite (I-6) PowerFlite

Light throttle 1-2 shifts starting from----10 mph________9 mph_________11 mph
Light throttle 2-3 shifts starting from ---15 mph________14 mph________No 3rd gear
Heavy throttle 1-2 shifts----------------40 mph________23 mph________55 mph
Heavy throttle 2-3 shifts----------------75 mph________60 mph________No 3rd gear
Kickdown, 2-1, if speed is less than:-----25 mph________22 mph________50 mph
Kickdown, 3-2, if speed is less than:-----65 mph________60 mph
Low gear button operates at (maximum):-25 mph________22 mph________50 mph
Wonder if that info. is for a stock tranny or if it changes when there have been alterations done to it. I know mine has a 3000 stall converter. Also a B&M shift kit and B&M flex plate. Hopefully a tranny guru will enlighten us.:grin:
Hey, Lets say my trans kickdown cable isnt adjusted correctly and supposibly causing this whole late shifting issue... how does this theory work... If I tighten the kickdown cable, does that cause the trans to shift up from 1st - 2nd gear sooner or later?
Cj, you have your cable a bit to snug. Stu, you need to tighten yours up
Well I know if i loosen it back about 4 turns, dont get any kickdown action
Do you have the right setup on your carb bracket? (right bracket, right hole locations for your cables,right lenth cable?)
Generally speaking, if the trans is shifting "late" and/or only wants to shift when the pedal is lifted, then the linkage (cable or mechanical) is to tight.....pulling (or pushing) the lever to far under light pedal pressure.

Maybe someone out there knows something about the valving that might cause this

I forgot. I didn't notice if anyone else had stated this, but all you could get behind a big block (in the way of an automatic) was a 727
Thanks but sorry 69rr, no matter if I lift or maintain throttle (heavy or light) it'll shift from 1st to 2nd at 23-25mph, I looked up what the causes could be in my service manual but its vauge.

It says, Symptom for late shifts : low on fluids, wrong fluids, and something about pressure being too high or too low but it doesnt say how to correct it or explain how to perform the adjustment... Basically is a 2 part answer "adjust, then go f*&k yourself" pretty much
Well I know if i loosen it back about 4 turns, dont get any kickdown action

Maybe try adjusting it in smaller increments (assuming you haven't tried this yet and jumped from the first setting to 4 turns out). Hopefully there's a sweet spot in there between being too tight and too loose. I haven't run a Lokar, only a BPE cable.

I forgot the BPE kit comes with a different ratio lever for the transmission; Lokar does not. So when using the Lokar cable, you need to modify the factory arm to add a new hole to change the ratio. Here's a short thread mentioning this: http://www.dodgecharger.com/forum/index.php/topic,43704.0.html
I found this for my Cirrus. It is sweet as sh!t! It is the TRNW. The "Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide", trnw.net Its a site with tons of info. Some you can get to, some not. But there are pages there with dozens of problems, and the confirmed fixes for these are noted. I could spend hours there just looking at stuff I dont need! Good luck buddy!
THanks Manifold! The problem turns out, the movement of the aftermarket carb and linkage isnt wide enough of an action (at kickdown connection at the carb) from no throttle to WOT...

The solution one person found was removing the transmission kickdown lever from the transmission, then drilling and tapping new threads for the ball stud screw about 1/4" closer to the levers pivot point, that apparently pleases the geometry gods enough to bring the shifts to normal MPHs and supply the desired kickdown action as well.
I have a B&M shift kit in my 727 and have the exact same shift points as you. I know that the shift kit raises your shift points and makes them firmer, so I have not thought anything of it. I am still breaking everything in so have it set so it does NOT kick down yet because I don't want to accedently over rev the engine, so this is how mine runs WITHOUT kickdown.
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