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'67 Coronet temp control slide lever cable problem


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9:08 PM
Dec 2, 2022
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The temp control slide lever cable is disconnected at wherever it attaches to at the heater door. (It's still attached to the slide lever). What needs to removed so I can get to it, so it can be fixed?

After 28 years in a barn I've finally got it drivable. Just a few more bugs to work out; this heater cable is among the bugs. Thanks for all the help B-body community.
You are in the area of the glovebox, so removing the glovebox liner will make it easier to get to.
I removed the glove box liner but that was a big fail. My forearms are too big to get in there, plus I can't get my fat head in a position to see anything. I'll have to remove the gauge cluster, etc. Unless anyone else has an idea.
Don’t hold me to it, but I think you can pull the heater valve from the engine firewall side and get a visual and by sliding the control forward get enough slack to hook it up. Now, you won’t be able to adjust the star wheel in that manner but maybe trial and error if you push a scope or can just view the operation from inside.