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67 Satellite/GTX glovebox lid


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Jan 23, 2019
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Wisconsin Rapids
I just bought a new glovebox lid at $289 shipped and I am really dissappointed with the chrome quality, bits of black showing around the edges. Is this how they all are? There's no point exchanging if all the parts look like that.. for that price it should be immaculate.
Here’s what im talking about, i also noticed the latch button hole is very crudely cut. Really bummed at the quality.
What do you guys think, go through the pain of an exchange...? I get the feeling the next one will look exactly the same.
Are you sure what you think are chips in the chrome edge are not black paint from the paintwork? It looks to me like paint may have bled under the masking. If so, a little thinner in a cloth wrapped around a pop cycle stick might clean it up. But I don’t have any experience with the repros so can’t help with that overall.
i tried scraping it off with a plastic scraper, but you may be right it could be paint bleed, which is fixable. Let me take a look. The shoddy circle cut job, not so much...
Shout out to Classic industries for good customer service, I called and asked about the part, hoping they could pull one from the shelf and take a look and see if they all have this issue. None in stock, on backorder. The rep offered me a $50 refund. Pretty cool.
For those interested in solutions, I found a socket of the appropriate diameter, wrapped sandpaper around it and went to work on the hole until it was round and uniform, down to bare plastic. Then repainted with black enamel. Not perfect but a lot better than it was. As far as the bleed-over on the edges of the chrome, I haven't found a solvent that would take it off yet. Acetone did nothing. Don't want to do any damage here so being very careful.
Wow, that’s kind of surprising. Most restorers use lacquer paint for detail. Yes, I would be worried about using acetone. Could be some sort of self-etching paint or primer. You may want to return it and wait for re-stock in that case.
It almost seems like a plastic coating. Very tough, actually perfect for something like a glovebox that gets touched a lot.
Ok, after mounting it up, the screw holes are not pre-drilled large enough and are VERY brittle. drill them out to 9/64ths and be very gentle, even the lightest touch too tight will split the plastic. I may actually have to take it back off and epoxy around every single screw boss before the vibration and daily use break them even more.
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