FOR SALE 68-70 Standard dashes gauage clusters

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    I have two 68-70 standard dash gauge clusters for sale. Both are in good shape. The first one pictured (when removed) all the lights worked ie. turn signals and such, but the gauges did not. My car had been converted to mechanical gauges by a previous owner so the gauges may work, I just have not tested them. The ammeter has been removed and replaced with a volt meter. It works just the needle is a little different. I have the old ammeter needle which goes with the cluster. The second one pictured is in a little better condition looks great, but I have no idea what works on it. I bought it used and never put it in my car. I was told when I bought it the gauges worked. So both are up for sale. $100 each plus shipping. If you want to buy both we may be able to work something out. Thanks

    90C38977-5A3D-4F93-BC6E-65ADD42714F5.jpeg AE6DB3B0-399C-4A91-B715-937C9FEA71E3.jpeg AF3E1343-BA90-4241-8E1D-056F2AB1C97A.jpeg 3D41B073-AF9C-481C-A607-E07AD3DE02DD.jpeg 31764EF9-8293-4765-BE3E-DBE93AAE1F99.jpeg 28E75FF4-42B6-4041-B128-135628CBA3BB.jpeg BA95738E-FAA2-4169-A59D-F0CAA3C400AB.jpeg
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