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68 charger emblem questions


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Aug 4, 2010
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Hi All,
As I'm working thru my body work, I want to make sure I have all the correct holes in the botd for the emblems. In the parts manual it shows the medallion emblem next to the charger. However, on my car's original quarters it only had holes for the charger emblem. It's an R/T non-vinyl top car. Brochure photos looks like it has the emblems (pics below), but not since sine I don't have a vinyl top it makes a difference. Can someone help me out on this one? If it is supposed to have them - it looks like the bottom of the medallion emblem aligns with the bottom of the h a r e r letters (excluding C & g). Yes? And what is the dimension between the two emblems on each side?

right side view.jpg

left side view.jpg

Second question is on the charger and R/T on the tail. The original emblems I have are tapered (thicker on the bottom than on top - pic below). The reproduction ones I look at online look to be the same thickness or at least based on the photos. Can someone make a recommendation on who's product to use for these as well as the other emblems, so I get a correct match profile to the originals?

2023 08 body work 006.JPG

Thanks in advance!
I have only ever seen the Charger script emblem on the roof. Maybe at the time of printing in the summer of '67 it may have been the original intention to have both, but was changed during early production. Just a guess.
ok that makes sense and aligns with what I've see and shows in all the pics I have. Anyone got a response to the 2nd question? Thanks.
I think I got my correct rear script emblem from classic industries.
I always keep my eye open for ones with the emblem on the sail.
From what I understand was they were early production.
@chargervert ?
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