68 charger RT Missouri

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    received_10155017053481178-jpeg.jpg Hi Guys.
    Posted this a while back but try it again..
    I bought this 68 RT charger in Kansas in 2015. Before that it was in Blue springs.
    Its build in St louis so it was in this area almost its whole life i think..

    2 owners back was a guy named Kennedy. In blue springs.
    But he is not going to help me...
    Im looking for the history of it and the fendertag or broadsheet..
    It has an old 2001 Missouri windowsticker
    Think it was original b3 or b5 found some old paint.. was lighter blue..

    Has a 500 stroker crate engine and a 5 speed tremec in it. Have a 440 and a 4speed with it wich they claimed they where orig to the car.. but need rebuild.

    Hope some of you guys know this car.
    this is a picture from 2 owners back in his garage in blue springs..
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