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'68 Coronet R/T 30 year project


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FBBO Gold Member
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Nov 24, 2021
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I have had this car for over 30 years, and finally got it looking good on the outside. I just want to show it off, a little.


LL1, medium dark turquoise metallic. I hope that I got that right. Its the original color. I still need to put the black stripe on the back.
Beautiful car 4speed. Definitely earned bragging rights not only with looks but the duration of ownership.

Nice car :thumbsup:
love that color! ........and the wheel opening trim :D

I'm pushing 40 years for my GTX
love that color! ........and the wheel opening trim :D

I'm pushing 40 years for my GTX
Thanks for the wheel trim eldubb!!! Thanks to all of the members here that helped me out with some good parts and advice!!
I always say these cars require "relentless persistence" .......congrats on seeing it through! :thumbsup:
I dont think that they are ever done, so I had to go ahead and show it off now. The interior still needs some work.
Great looking R/T! Thanks for sharing. Nice it has the rocker trim and wheelwell trim.
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I worked on the body for about 2 years, after work and on the weekends, to get it ready for the paint shop. I sanded it all the way to the bare metal, patched a few small rust holes behind the wheels, shined and painted all the trim and mouldings, straightened the bumpers a little, all myself, so the painter just had to finish sand it and minor body work and spray the paint. Then I put it all back together myself, with mostly the original parts, even they are a little scratched and not perfect.
I rebuilt the 440 when I bought it 32 years ago, had the 4 speed gone through and the 3.23 suregrip gone through back then too. Then I had kids and a family and didn't get back to it for "a while".
Stance and Lines. A beautiful Brute. Cars can never look this good again.

And don’t put a mirror on that passenger door…
Thanks, I have to agree with you, Dennis, on the lines and curves. No mirror on the passenger door, it never had it and never will. The only hole that needs filled now is the radio antenna hole on the passenger fender. I have the original AM radio somewhere, I just have to find it.
All of you,(us) on this forum are the most important audience to show any Mopar to. There is not a more appreciative group any where on the planet. Thank you to all of you for being an inspiration to get it done! I don't think that I would or could have done it without FBBO.
This post makes me sad. I found a 68 R/T in this same color on a used car lot way back when I was a teenager. It was really nice, about 9 or 10 years old at the time. I wanted it badly, but didn't have the $$ to buy it. A guy I didn't know well from my same high school ended up with it for a year or two, then it disappeared. Several years later (probably 1983 or so), I ran into him and asked about the car. He said he had blown the engine, and his Dad had taken a bulldozer and crushed it and buried it on the mountain along with several other old junk cars.
Ouch!!! That is a painful story. I didn't mean to make you sad. There for a minute, I thought that this may have been that car, but when I got to the end of the story, I thought otherwise.
I hope that you can be happy that there is still one out there, that reminds you of the one you wanted so bad.
I haven't seen many cars in this color.
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