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SOLD '69 B body bucket seats

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Feb 28, 2022
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After a lot of thought, I've decided to sell the bucket seats that came with our car which has headrests to get correct '68 ones without the headrest.
After looking up several original seat patterns, it looks like these came out of a '69 Dart GTS. 68/69 seats between A/B bodies are interchangeable from what many others have said. The frames on these are solid, foams could possibly be reused. The seat in the left photo is missing the chrome knob for the release lever. I have the new chrome strips that go in the groove on the headrest that will go with the seats also. They both have the backboard, somebody used some old seat covers to cover the originals which is why it's not visible on the seat on the left side in the photo. We removed the lower seat cover and extra upper one from the seat on the right in the photo and that's what the original pattern to those seats are. They still have the tag under the seat as well.
Asking $900 + shipping(will most likely be expensive, never shipped this big of an item before but have a local Fastenal who may ship?)
From 31750
Local pickup would be preferred.
PayPal would add 4% to total or you can send a USPS money order.
Thanks FBBO
Why not just reupholster them and leave the headrests off? At least that way you would know what you have.
Why not just reupholster them and leave the headrests off? At least that way you would know what you have.
I thought about it. I do have brand new white seat covers and foams but I figure if someone needs seats with the headrest provisions in them and parts can be put to use I'd rather not let them go to waste.
All the parts that make up the headrest assembly come right out. You can remove all that stuff and sell it lots easier than you can sell the seats and ship them. They are exactly the same seat. Any 68 seat you will buy will be the same ones with the provision for all that hardware as well.
Not only that, but you will have to find and buy another set of seats. That isn't always the easiest, and your frames look to be in nice condition. I vote for keeping what you have and sell the headrest parts and pieces if you don't want them.
That's what I'll do. I still have to get new seat tracks and white backboards eventually but I'll just strip the headrest parts out and re-list those when I get around to it. I thought non-headrest seats didn't have the holes in the frame for them but after reading some threads apparently they do. Shipping has gotten outrageous so it was probably a long shot these would get sold online anyway and I did have some '68's out of a GTX lined up but again the shipping aspect probably kills that. Thanks guys.
Just going to make a note of marking this thread sold but that seats didn't sell for future reference.
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