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WTB 69 E440 hp warranty block or 69 E440 hp std bore block

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Bigboy 68

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May 26, 2020
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I am looking for a 69 440 hp Warranty block or a69 440 hp Standard bore block. From a Plymouth GTX. Please let me know what you have thank you
The engine ID pad was s'pose to be stamped by the installing mechanic but very few were as most dealership mechanics did not own a set of metal stamps and if the dealership service department had a set, they were, more than likely, carried off by a 'forgetful' employee. There are plenty of bogus HP motors out there & the easy way to tell is by the font. On factory HP blocks, on the engine ID pad, all numbers and letters will be of the same font. Rarely is that not the case however, I have a 70 440 factory stamped, where the 4's do not match & there isn't an assembly date (but there is the last 8 of the vin correctly gang stamped) as shown in the last pic

This block stamping was obviously done correctly can be seen in the pix. However the block has a coupl'a cosmetic issues that can be corrected in several different ways depending on future usage (space shuttle 'tiles' were glued on & windshields are glued in). No pic of the other flaw but it is the drivers side motor mount where, on one of the bolt holes, it looks as though a bolt ripped out (pix later).
Cylinders were greased down when I purchased it 20+ years ago. I believe it to be standard bore, I'll put the calipers to it tomorrow.

PM me if interested. $2500









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I had 1 wrong pic in previously so I removed it and am adding a pic of the broke motor mount attaching boss. In my area there isn't any heavy iron industry only heavy aluminum, so finding a qualified cast iron welder around here is not an option.

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