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69 Roadrunner Convertible with N96

To answer your question of the N96 option, I don't think it's that rare on RR converts. In 1987 I bought a numbers matching '69 RR convertible 383-4bbl, 4-speed car that was coded for the N96 option and V21 hood paint treatment according to the broadcast sheet. It was Scorch Red, black interior, black convertible top, bench seat car, and an early car, titled as a '68. Long gone, sold it in 1994 and have no idea where it is today.
totally different production metrics. There was no holmolgation requirement for the '69 RR.
To my knowledge, Plymouth was required to build a minimum amount of superbirds in order to enter it in Nascar. I believe it was 2000. I don’t think there was anything saying they couldn’t build/sell more. So their ”rarity “ is due to the lack of selling more than they did . Much like the 69 RR convertible.
it’s just the way I see it I guess
Good point, Davefinan. I heard many years ago that Plymouth had to build 1 (or 2) Superbirds per dealerships in the U.S. for the car to be eligible for NASCAR but don't quote me on that.
i always thought those '68-'69 RR's were either torqueflite or 4spd.
They were. The “Ford?” 3 speed appeared in 1970 as standard equipment. I’m sure he meant column automatic. All 1968 automatic cars had the column shift, as the bench seat was the only one fitted.
My old one was N96 4 Speed

69 RR 383 4 Speed .JPEG
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