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69 satellite 318 2 barrel carb


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Mar 25, 2021
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Hi all I need some help. I was wondering if any one can give me the tech speck to get the mixture screws and timing on a 318. It runs and drives but I want to set it correctly as I think it’s running lumpy in certain spots and want to do a complete tune on it
Buy a can of flammable carburetor cleaner. Spay some down the carburetor throat while reving the engine up. Then, at idle, spay some of that carburetor around the carburetor base and any vacuum hoses. The engine will rev up if you spray onto a vacuum leak. The two screws you see in front/bottom are idle mixture screws. After a fresh tune up, and with the engine warmed up, mark the current position of those screws. Then, turn each one (one at a time), in a 1/2 turn or out a 1/2 turn and listen/watch for the idle to increase. Your trying to dial in maximum idle speed. Next, do the same on the other screw...in/out 1/2 turn as needed to maximize idle speed. After that, if the idle has increased too much, turn down the main idle screw near the base of the carburetor
I had a 68 318 Sat .... loved the car but it ran like crap. After checking the distributor out I found out the bushing were bad. I rebuilt the dist and put
a mild curve kit in it and with a fresh rebuilt 2 barrel.
I got it to run great. The car would come out of the hole like a rocket. It took a while to get the right combination of parts and tuning but it was worth every dime.
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