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    Have 2 sets of lock sets, ignition and doors. One set is from a 70 and has the flat tab that retains it to The column. It’s also brushed finish. The second I believe is 72 up and has the pin, it won’t work in a 70 column. Learned that the hard way. I bought the set for my 70 as I couldn’t find the orig keys it didn’t work then bought repro locks and found the keys. One door on the 70 set has a sink in the stainless. 75 plus shipping for either set or best offer.

    648F845E-B8F8-4687-851E-A4761D7BE598.jpeg 56CE42FE-6BB5-49FD-B9AB-0623ECF5F779.jpeg 79D545F6-BCD7-4820-836E-7ECC7542EE6A.jpeg E66FB685-1915-488C-9DCD-33EFE7EB2792.jpeg 50FA2F1D-A630-4942-896E-FC1A92091327.jpeg
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