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FOR SALE 71-4 Used and Nos Plymouth Road Runner parts

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I'm also interested in the amber 71-2 Road Runner front Park Lamp assemblies(clear or Amber) $45ea. Let me know if you still have them
Ok I have a bunch of them. I assume you want '72 Amber ones? The electrical plugs are different between the two years so just want to make sure I get you pics of the right parts.
NOS 72 Road Runner Header Medallion. This is a real one in the original box. Unlike the one that is on e-bay for $260 that one is a B E & A reproduction as does not have the dimple at the top to locate the sticker as the originals did. You can see the dimple straight down from the M & O where the chrome meets the sticker. $275

IMG_8404.JPG IMG_8405.JPG IMG_8406.JPG IMG_8407.JPG IMG_8408.JPG
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72 Rally dash pictures?
Sure here. $395 it has the clock so you can put a Tach in it and a good uncut dash bezel and an uncut metal gauge housing. Lots of them get nice bezels put on a metal housing that has had the radio mounts sawed off. $395

IMG_8410.JPG IMG_8411.JPG IMG_8412.JPG IMG_8413.JPG IMG_8414.JPG
Plus any black door panels or pretty much any black panel parts for a 72 Satellite
I only have the lower door panels in black for a '72. Let me know if that is what you were looking for.
Any a/c hoses?
If you show me which hoses you need I might have some as I parted two 71 A/C cars both small blocks. I am keeping the big block set-up for my car...
I need the hose that goes from fire-wall to the compressor for a big block.small block is too short.
can u post a pic of the lower grille
can u post a pic of the lower grille
Here it is. Sold the perfect one. This one $75 for this one nothing broken but has a wave on the topside fin where something warped it a little with heat I assume. Not seen when installed. No screws or clips go with it.

IMG_8416.JPG IMG_8417.JPG IMG_8418.JPG IMG_8419.JPG IMG_8420.JPG IMG_8421.JPG
Any pictures of the lower door panels?
Front Lowers $90pr
A-pillar trim $60pr
Kick panels $60pr
All nice shape few marks but would look great with a fresh coat of black as they are faded but not chalky. One front lower has a rub in the plastic along the bottom. Tabs are not broken on the a-pillar trim. Rear 71-2 black lowers still in car

IMG_8436.JPG IMG_8437.JPG IMG_8438.JPG IMG_8440.JPG IMG_8439.JPG IMG_8433.JPG IMG_8442.JPG IMG_8443.JPG IMG_8441.JPG
Stainless rear window trim pics? Also do you have the windshield trim as well? Thanks.
Yes I have a bunch of rear window and front window sets. Do you need the cowl piece for the front or just the uppers and corners?
Too late for pics today so once I know what you are after I can get some tomorrow after work.
I also have a rare set of 71 textured rear window stainless for cars that had factory louvers.
No textured but thanks. I have a 74 and the moldings are the aluminum/plated ones... Id rather change over to the stainless ones.... Im looking for complete front all 5 pieces and complete rear.
Ok no problem. I have all that & will get pics tomorrow.
Here are rear stainless window trim set pictures. Nice shape. $125 set

IMG_8444.JPG IMG_8445.JPG IMG_8446.JPG IMG_8447.JPG
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