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72 Dodge Charger SE $8000 not mine


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May 16, 2011
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washington, wv
Looks like a bargain to me.
1972 Dodge Charger · SE



It has 71 quarter windows.

...or it's not an SE.

I've seen this one before, hard not to forget that interior. Another owner who things hideaway headlights means SE.
Easy to tear that crap out. The price and condition seem worth it to me. 8k is nothing for a solid, complete car.
Imagine cracking your head on that overhead console. It's not like these cars have the seat belts to prevent that. Ouch!
Dude couldn't afford a van back in the day.

Interior (other than the Scooby Doo ****) looks pretty decent though.
That front header.... thing. That is a headache waiting for you every time you go to get in or out. Well for me it would be.
I grew up with a J.I. Case 1030 with a factory cab that had a vent/heat unit in that position, and the corner of it protruded into the doorway.
After two years of headaches, my Pa got so mad about it he took half a day in the middle of hay season to remove the thing and reroute the heater part to next to the seat. He was so mad about it 15 years later he refused to put it with the tractor when it went to auction and threw it on the scrap pile instead.

Even besides that, imagine the blindspot that must make. Guy must have been 5'6" tall and 130lbs.
As others have said… it’s a solid start for the price.
That overhead console is certainly "polarizing", but should be relatively easy to remove- just assume the headliner might need replaced.

I wouldn't let that discourage any interested parties, just like those potential buyers on the home shows that complain about $5,000 of paint and carpet they don't like in a $350,000 house.
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FB ad says it's pending sale. Close enough to me to take a closer look if it doesn't sell. Pulling all of that woodwork out can't be that hard...and end up with a solid potential runner.