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73 Roadrunner wiring diagram needed - No dash lights


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May 7, 2015
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Tucson, AZ
Hey guys, I'm trying to get the car ready for Power Tour West next week and discovered that I no longer have dash lights. If I jump power to the fuse, they come on. I rolled the dice and thought maybe it was the headlight switch but after installing a new switch tonite, it's still the same problem. If anyone has a diagram showing the instrument panel lighting and details in and out of the switch, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to fix it before I go rather than do a work around so any help would be great. Thanks!
Are you sure the 5amp illumination fuse is good, check for power on both ends, or check the actual continuity thru the fuse? That one fuse holder is supplied directly from the headlight switch on a tan 18ga wire (circuit code E1-18T) in the dash harness. Will need to verify that you are not getting variable voltage from the switch on the inboard side of that fuse holder. If you are jumping the holder, jump to the inboard side to verify the fuse. Jumping the outboard side will not verify the fuse condition.
Just dash lights? Or also parking lights?

the dash lights runs throught two fuses… the first one comes from the parking lights circuit (20 amps), which is the one what also feeds the dimmer wheel… then the power runs to a second fuse, on top of fuse box (3 or 5 amps, can’t recall) separated from the buss bars on back. As mentioned, a tan wire circuit arriving to that fuse and becoming orange after the fuse to the lights network.

you can loose/blown the parking lights fuse and will miss the dash lights too.
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Thanks for the help guys. I have not had time to dig in further yet but will certainly look into it this weekend while i finish my last minute thrash. I checked continuity through all the fuses yesterday but don't recall which side of the fuse I jumped to with certainty when I did it. Knowing how they are fed is a tremendous help though and looking for power on that tan wire at both the switch as well as the fuse block should tell a story. I'll keep you guys posted with my findings. Thanks again!
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