SOLD 8 3/4 489 Case 3.91 Sure Grip

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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Don’t know anything about this unit to say except price: $550. Located in Grove City, Ohio. No shipping but can deliver to Chrysler Classic (May 2019) or Carlisle (July 2019).

    0331A780-B433-4412-8885-BF32BF0D5F54.jpeg F62CB2F2-3D74-4C60-8F7E-C239AA80EE77.jpeg 5B1DBFAC-909F-4F41-8A79-AF6DA4F038A1.jpeg 1A0AB3B4-200D-4452-A059-93341F31D4E7.jpeg E547FE01-014D-4ECE-AD25-E3D3E99A608F.jpeg C21E9F3C-CC22-4665-B8A6-06575394E5BC.jpeg
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