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Another day out looking at some Vintage vehicles

At Lloyd's age, a person has to re-sit their driver's licence every two years over here (at age 80+) ..... imagine being the Instructor getting into that car. :lol:
That's a great story Roger. I am pleased for Lloyd and his family. Very cool to be reunited after so many years. It just goes to show how much these cars mean to people.
Show us the green four door?

After all, that's what 80% of all Mopars ever built are, right?
These are Lloyd's daily drivers......how many 90-year-olds do you see driving a C8 around ???

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The C8 is still Left Hand Drive....he could have bought a Right Hand Drive model, but he didn't have time to wait the six months. :lol:

Traded in his Australian Special Edition Holden Commodore W1 and got those cars plus a bucket load of extra cash. It's actually sickening to hear what a few W1's have changed hands for lately.....enough to buy a house over here. Not bad considering there were only supposedly 320 built - although rumours are that there are actually only 319 (Aussies can't count)....and only 19 made it to New Zealand as our allocation. Invitation only to purchase one initially, then the remainder were on a ballot.
My 79 year old neighbor just bought one a month ago. He traded in his 22 Genesis and a 22 Mazda Miata. I’ve got to say, it’s a good looking car. Since his wife passed 3 years ago, he’s had a Wrangler, a Camaro convertible and a Lincoln. God bless him, he’s definitely enjoying life.
....for all three plus the cash. I know. But when you have the money, but not a lot of time......who can really judge the man?
Not judging, just 'puzzled' shall we say.
Still, way cool that a dude that age is still driving cool cars. AND building cannons!!!
Not judging, just 'puzzled' shall we say.
Still, way cool that a dude that age is still driving cool cars. AND building cannons!!!
Yes...it's very cool. And he does all his own mechanical repair work.

Not bad for a guy who would have died about 50 odd years ago following an accident with the PTO on that big tractor in the middle of his barn. Lloyd had gone down to clear a drain with the big pump on the back of his tractor one stormy day. He was hitching the pump to run, when the sleeve of his raincoat got snagged on the spinning PTO.....dragged him in, and his arm got mangled. Somehow, he managed to free himself....massive blood loss....and helpless from the pain, he laid there for hours before his mother came searching for him.

That is why when you see him doing simple things that he makes look difficult, you can understand why. Even lighting the match for the cannon is a challenge now.

However, he doesn't let that disability hold him back. Lloyd has done stuff that a lot of 100% able-bodied guys wouldn't tackle....like removing the tracks from the big Crawlers, repairing them and putting back. I can't even begin to imagine doing stuff like that.

So now the guy just enjoys life for as long as he can. My favourite memory will always be the day he and his wife Sheila arrived at Cliff's workshop just as I was leaving one afternoon. They pulled up in the Commodore about 5 metres short of my Red Wagon. Lloyd had a smile on his face......Cliff said send it....so I did a humongous burnout right in front of them. Smoked out the entire driveway and building....smoke drifted across the road the supermarket full of people looking out the windows, and the liquor shop next door.

When the smoke eventually faded, all I could see was Lloyd sitting in his car laughing his head off....Sheila was there just shaking her head saying something like...."You boys...I don't know" :lol: They both loved it. It made him feel 30 years younger instantly.
Only gutted now because it wasn't caught on film. :rolleyes:
I believe the term to describe Llyod is "Legend"...

I've known a couple guys who tangled with farm equipment... One lost, the other survived.. Can't say he won cause as was pointed out in the old movie "War Games" the only way to win is not to play...

Lotta cool stuff down there....
The jury is still out on what I think about the C8.....in some ways it's cool but in other ways it ain't.....
My problem is they put a camaro back end on it. It does not even represent a corvette anymore to me. JMO
Thanks @kiwigtx
great stories & photos/videos
Lloyd is someone I'd like to meet, sit down with
listen to his stories, drink a beer (or 6) or take a ride with
I'd bet it would be epic...

cool photos & gathering of cars/tractors & friends,
looks like Lloyd has a bunch of them all :thumbsup: & a cannon

Roger 'nice smoky burnout', in the improved Lil' Red Express too
The jury is still out on what I think about the C8.....in some ways it's cool but in other ways it ain't.....
Finally, a mid-engine layout.
Looks better than a C7.
It's a V-8.
Lots of available options.
Unusual to see one in Savannah.
A lot of bang for the buck.

Order and wait for what you want.
The service guys will drop it off the lift.
A lot of bucks (like everything else)!
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