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BAT: 1967 GTX 426 Hemi Project

I just saw current bid is still only $1,600, 6 days left
hell that's the price for the vin-tag alone

it'll cost more than that to transport it home

it's worth it at that price :poke:

do they have a reserve there ?, I didn't see
I'm not in the market either

I guess I'm not the only one not impressed, nobody bidding
or nobody sees it listed maybe

but the sum of the parts are worth more than that
even if they were raced hard & put away wet many moons ago
I'd check that block & heads out very well
It's an old race combo, heads were on a Blown car, who knows what class

mismatched non #s matching car/semblance of pieces/parts
you're buying a Vin-Tag basically
it's rough as hell, every aspect of it will need addressing
it will be "Money Pit" & never be a #'s matching Hemi car
I've also seen worse, some love that ****

So far at that kind of price (above), it's a bargain
"I highly doubt it will sell for that either"
if you're into a long term project, that will need everything done
finding all the missing parts, doing it back to stock, to get $$$ from it
if your not trying to make $$$ (flip it), it could be a good long term project

my days of that **** are long over
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From what I understand, the car is selling at no reserve.

It's definitely not for everyone. But its a factory 60's Hemi B-Body. All that needs to be said.

Someone with the right mindset and the right bank account will scoop it up and restore it.

And he won't be worried about the cost to ship it. If you're worried about that, you're already outta the game.
With complete engines and drivetrains going for $30,000 I thought the bare Hemi engine parts should bring $6 - 8k alone at least. I’ve read the comments about the o-ring heads but I don’t think that automatically trashes them.
Ah: Carbs, exh manifolds and tubes, pulleys, aircleaner, engine mounts, distributor rad. GTX specific trim, Nope, no way.
My nephew had a 71 Camaro restored in 1990, a dollar error. I told him it would cost way more than it was worth and it did. I said buy one done.
Sold for $25000 I just don't see it. All I saw was about a $7500 body as it had a Hemi VIN number. I didn't see tremendous value in the o ringed heads. If the block was as advertised there was some value there. I think half the sale price was all it was worth. There may be some different opinions out there, but that's mine.