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SOLD BENDIX Disc Brake Caliper Bodies, Caliper Pistons, Hose Bracket & Line.

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Dec 23, 2009
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I came across these BENDIX disc brake parts in a "lot purchase" of A body, Kelsey Hayes disc brake parts that i dabble in.
I am putting these parts up for sale, here on this forum.

These parts were used on the 1966-69 B body line of cars.

1. Caliper bodies that bolt to the spindles, both sides.
These are what i got. Didn't get the other halve's, sad to say.
They are in great shape.
The piston bores, are excellent, and DO NOT need to be sleeved.
I soaked them out in my 5 gallon pail of Evaporust, and painted them up with VHT high heat paint.
If you have calipers that need to be sleeved, these will save you a bunch of money.
Selling each body, at $50.00

2. Caliper pistons.
I have 12 of them, that are in very good condition, for being used parts.
I haven't a clue as to how many decades that they may have been is service, and then how long they weren't in service.
I do know before they became obsolete, and unobtanium, at the parts store level, they retailed at $55.00 each.
I will sell each piston at $25.00
Yes they are used, but don't expect them to be new, out of the box condition.
All the important seal areas of the pistons are in great shape.

3. I have this LEFT side caliper hose bracket, and the hard metal line, all painted up, ready to go.
Selling this bracket and line at $25.00.

For payment i accept Pay Pal.
Shipment most likely will be thru the USPS in their flat rate box's.

Anyone interested in these items, send me a message, and then we can go from there.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 001 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 002 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 003 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 004 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 005 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 006 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 007 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 008 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 009 (Small).JPG

BENDIX Caliper-Pistons-Bracket 011 (Small).JPG
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