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Bought a k car

I would never want one, but if it was parked at cruize night I'd spend half an hour looking it over. They used to be ubiquitous. I have not seen a running one for years. Have fun with it.

Last summer I went to a car show. Small town one, but a ton of nice old vehicles and many mopars as the town had a big mopar dealer through the 60s. Right in the middle of all the "old" iron was a Ford Probe. It was one of their "sportier" models and I have no idea what model that was. I spent 15 minutes looking at it, it was very clean. A survivor. By survivor I really mean that as all the cars in that era were throw away cars. It was kinda cool to see in an odd way..... it got me thinking - when was the last time I seen one on the road????? That would go the same for K Cars, Daytonas etc....
I know I always get at least 2 people start talking to me when I drive my Daytona...and that's just grocery store runs or to the outlets, not car shows!

You're right, they were disposable for most people. I knew early on mine was rare - one of 150 AGS package cars and 1 if 26 in my color combo. And I really like it, so I take care of it!
Dash pad cover installed and replaced the oem shocks on it.


One of the local Mopar racers group sold his tube chassis K-car a couple years ago. He made a bunch of money racing that car. Seems the entire group switched to Nostalgia SS.
Bought a '85 way back. It was OK transportation for the time. It met its demise when it was t-boned one winter.
Still have the stock wire hub caps in the shed as I used cheap caps for winter.
They got quite a bit nicer as they evolved.
We rented an FWD New Yorker around 92.
It was nice and comfortable and had decent power, toting 5 adults on a hundred mile trip in the hills of Southern Ohio.
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