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Brake a turn signal not working?

I messed up the green wire does have power but it goes to left tail light..the right has a black and a brown wire..I have painless wiring kit in car. Black has power on back right for tail light but the brown which is for the brake and turn does not..going to check connect by column
Painless wiring.................And now you tell us.........................Im out.
Well just got it figured out ..the connection at column is where the problem was . It had power going out one side not the other. Had to push wire back in now brake and turn work on back right. Thanks guys. Now onto the horn it wants to stay on..if I connect it the black to prong on wheel or if I ground it coming out of connection on column
Correct on the horn. My suggestion (in general)
1. Disconnect horn wire at horn itself so you don't go nuts. Each time you do something, touch that wire to the horn and see if it "beeps".
2. Remove horn button cover
3. Disconnect black ground wire (small needle nose pliers) from horn button. Now touch the horn wire to the horn. Does it beep?
a. Yes - You probably have a pinched wire in the column. Pull down the lower steering wheel support bracket and take a good look at the black wire.
b. No - Reconnect black wire to horn button & I assume it will be beeping constantly now. Wiggle the horn button back and forth and see if the horn goes on/off...look for a clearance issue where the horn button is touching the steering wheel base (metal part). See if you can straighten it and/or get some consistent clearance OR replace the horn button.
I had a similar issue with my 67 Charger. Right rear brake light and turn signal quit working. I had a bad connection at the 10 pin connector in the kick panel. I cleaned the connector, put on some dielectric grease, and made sure all wires were connected and they both started working again.
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