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brake drum sizing


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Sep 6, 2023
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I have a 68 charger, the rear drums, shoes and all hardware was gone when i bought the car. I think they are 11 inch (i compared them to a set of 10 inch) I measured the backing plate is 1 -3/4 inch
11 x 2-1/2 drums and shoes ( i think) 1. if i want 11 x 3 shoes and drums do i have to change the backing plates? 2. im not sure if the original had self adjusters "if" they had manual adjusters can i install self adjusters either way?
when i am done with the rear brakes ill post about the front brakes Thank you in advance for your help and advice
Welcome. Your thread will be moved to the correct forum. The Welcome Wagon is for you to introduce yourself and show us your car(s).
If your car had 11" brakes originally, they would be 11"x2 1/2" manual adjust. You can purchase the auto adjust hardware if that is what you want.
As some have indicated above, it WILL be 11 " x 2 1/2 " on the Rear.......Verify, of course.......

Dadsbee , who is usually 100 % on the money , has forgotten , or not aware --- that there actually *** I S *** an 11 " x 3 " Rear --- which was on
Police Cars and Ambulances !!!

But, for you O P , you would need to find backing plates, at least , and maybe more --- so LEAVE IT AS IS, FOR SURE ......

If you need, I have *** N.O.S. *** U.S.A. made *** Brake Drums , *** Asbestos Brake Shoes *** , Rear Wheel Cylinders, all the Brake Hardware ---
Combi Kits and Adjuster Kits.....

P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested.......Yours, Craig.....
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I never take things for granted on a 50 plus year old car. Been wrong to many times. I would rather measure once and be right than to have a bunch of parts to return on my dime on a guess.
11x2.5” on the rear and 11x3” on the front of it was optioned with heavy duty brakes. No self adjusters but yes you can add them. Here is a pic of some I did for a 68 roadrunner that to finally came with manual adjusters
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