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Bumpers with slots on 1971 dodge charger


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Apr 30, 2023
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Good morning: Question: I've seen 1971 Dodge Charger bumpers with the two vertical slots for the jack stand, and also bumpers without the slot (all solid). The 1970-71 Mopar Parts catalog suggests there was a mid year change in the bumpers for the 1971 Charger. Am I reading this correctly? Did the Charger bumper change in the middle of 1971? I know the 72 bumpers had slots on the bumpers...

The slots didn't start until 72. I have a 72 rear bumper on my 71. Other than the slots they fit and function the same.

The slots didn't start until 72. I have a 72 rear bumper on my 71. Other than the slots they fit and function the same.
Thank you for the quick reply! Any idea what the mid-year bumper change was in the Mopar parts book?
Actually---I think it was a mid-year change, at least on Plymouths.

I have a 71 that has slots in the front bumper and I just read here on FBBO that was the case.
Honestly , I have seen all types of weird things on 1971 Chargers

The Survivor tents back in the day at the Nats + Carlisle was always interesting

70 Go Wing on the early production cars

Slotted rear bumper on the back with a non slotted on the front

Front valance change through 1971

Front fender changes through 1971

Carpet pad change

Heater core change location

My favorite is the Concealed Headlamps on late production 1971 cars with a mis - match of 71/72 Headlamp doors

I always wondered how production plants kept the line going if they ran out of a certain model year part
The vents in the back of the hood varied throughout the model year.
Quality control was starting to spiral down in the early 70's (not that it was all that great in the 60's) until they got a new president in 78 that became chairman soon after and then things started to turn around. Even though they were still mixing parts on the cars it wasn't as bad. My father in law bought a Dodge Aspen/Plymouth Volare wagon back then. I've heard of cars having different badging from side to side but didn't think that was happening until I saw his car lol. Also, there's rumors that some 318 cars were built that had the chassis of an big block car complete with the rocker reinforcements. That supposedly happened when an assembly line had an issue and that info was from a buddy that worked there back then.

I know Ford did stuff like that during a strike in the mid 60's when several of the 'white shirts' went to the lines to try and keep things going. A buddy of mine bought a 1st gen Mustang that was a 6 banger but it had all the V8 underpinnings including 5 lug wheels. He bought it for parts from some woman that bought it new and got rear ended and he bought it to fix up another Mustang. He drove the thing for awhile before parting it.