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Camshaft brand selection

Keep that old camshaft and lifters in order because it sounds like there is nothing wrong with it other than needing to have the timing chain put on correctly. Just a couple of pushrods and gaskets away. Already broke in, even.
Edelbrock may own them both but they may not be getting their blanks from the same vendor. It seems no one much had this lobe problem before they took zinc out of oil. You woudl only see a wiped lobe on a 100,000 mile engine. now it seems too many don't make it past break in. Has me thinking roller cam next time but then I guess you still have the bronze gear issue and that is a PIA. I see people putting cams in the Magnum engines without changing the oil pump drive gear but I don't know if they are holding up, if roller cams are getting iron gears or if the gears are just eating themselves and I'm not hearing anything about it.
Mopar designed your engine with the 904 lifter for a reason. Better performance and fuel economy come to mind.

Most serious Chevy and Ford engines use a 904 or a 1" diameter lifter for a reason.

99% of the aftermarket cams are designed for a smaller Chevy lifter.

No matter what grind you get you need to specify you want a 904 grind... Anything else is a downgrade. Regardless of what your 18 year old Honda driving sales guy tells you.

Or your Chevy-centric machine shop.
The last thing you should be concerned about is the “BRAND” of the camshaft but more focused in on what ever grinder you speak with or choose is what that camshaft is doing for you vs another.

To consider the brand of cam is dumb and backwards at best.
What can the cam grinder do for YOU is the question.
NOT who’s name is on the box.
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