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Can you help identify these front disc brakes and/or the problem I am having with them?


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Feb 2, 2021
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The Netherlands
Hey all,

I am fighting an issue with my front brakes atm. While driving slowly or cornering without braking the pads 'grab' the disc and move with the rotation of the disc hitting the caliper. This creates a loud 'tick' with every revolution of the wheel and it is driving me absolutely crazy. I thought the outside pads where the problem but after adjusting the tabs on the outside pads (hammering down the tabs some more to minimalize free movement within caliper) I noticed that the inside pads are also part of the problem (and I don't think these can be adjusted). I know that variation in the disc thickness can do this but this seems to be very minimal.

Now I am planning to order new brake pads which will hopefully fix this. However, I am not sure what kind of disc brakes are on the car. I have attached two pictures of them. I have looked around on the site of a local shop selling mopar parts but they just state them as 'generic' conversion disc brakes (see picture). I have also attached a picture of the brake pads that I think match these calipers.

Do you have any idea what kind of disc brakes these are?
Do you think new pads will fix the issues that I am having?



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Look like standard '73 up Chrysler brake pads (A-body ?). Rotor finish can cause your problem, such as turned at too fast of speed, no non-directional finish, bad bits, etc. Also when you "tighten" outer pad ears, I always wedge chisels between rotor hub and bottom of pad backing plate to force pad tight on bottom, and then have helper apply brakes, and then bend over top ears.