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Can you reattach the padded cover to the ashtray?

Scott Kiger

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Feb 9, 2017
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North Carolina
On a 68 the pad has pulled off. Can it be glued back on with something and will it last or do you just have to replace it? It’s foam so I really have no clue what would be a lasting fix.
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It should work but you might get only one shot at it. Could you post a picture? I would wait for more ideas.
It should work but you might get only one shot at it. Could you post a picture? I would wait for more ideas.
I'd try 3M spray adhesive or Goop adhesive. They both work well.
If you try the 3M spray, green Super 90 is a lot better than red Super 77. It is getting hard to find however, a least around here.
The wrap around flaps make a little harder. Before gluing 'd experiment how to do it. Maybe glue center to within 1/4" of flaps then glue flaps later. Hard part is aligning it. If you start it in one corner to square it up might work better and then work your way around. Clothes pins make great little clamps, don't get any glue on visible surfaces.
I agree with Fran. Try to glue down the vinyl flaps tight on the underside first. You may have to place it on a flat surface outside down and lightly clamp the flaps down until they set. The flat surface should protect the exterior side from the clamps.

Not to sure about the 3Mspray adhesive to glue back to the metal ash tray. That stuff has a habit of turning loose on some vinyl and headliner surfaces in warm weather unless it’s the heat resistant landau cement adhesive used for vinyl tops. I’ve had pretty good luck with Gorilla Glue gel super glue on stuff lately. Something like a construction adhesive might work well too on glueing to the ash tray.
Agree with AR67GTX Super glue one edge at a time, MO. Should've thought myself. Don't know about Gorilla super glue don't like their wood glue.
The GG super glues are pretty typical of the market but the seem to really develop a lot of strength. Yes, not to crazy about that general purpose GG that expands as it sets. Strong but messy and bad joint appearance.