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Charger video

Ron 73

Deceased, But not forgotton
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11:59 PM
Sep 17, 2010
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Hey guys i come in from my work to look up some things i need for and with measurements and thought id take a break with the sun shining in and a late dinner lol, i thought a video would go good and with all the Chargers being restored back to beauty here that's cool,,, i had to put this in for you guys to take a break and see some cool looking first hand built back in the day Chargers so i hope you enjoy it, Most has seen it before but its cool, its worth a 4th look :) i did,,, and im a Plymouth guy lol!! LOVE Dodge but "Plymouth" was always my first pick, don't send hate mail, i love the Dodge side of our MOPAR world to.. :hello2:


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67 Dodge Charger was my very first Mopar, got me started :) Got to go but with a smile got to love a good video with the cars!!!
i loved that show! one year they had a holiday marathon and i recorded all day.
I really enjoyed that and the small marathon last night. Thanks Ron
cool Charger video, on American Muscle car....
He haw, Im back in the cabin for the night and not real sue if im more tired then hurtin, or more hurtin then tired, whoa, yep, one and the same lol, took me awhile to figure out what happened to the video lol, what did me do, which way did it go, did i take a break and eat, or did i think i did,,, but i found it, now ill just have to add another for you guys to move around, ill sure check later and hope it doesn't end up in the blue room forum lol... the 50 plus degree weather got me goin today and i sure hope the rest of you guys in the area is or did enjoy a little break from the cold, only cause they say its on its way back again, im not going to believe it but, having started my little piece of fun and worked on another a little bit.... i DON'T care! :). spring will settle in soon and stay here and the smell of fresh cut grass is getting closer guys! here is some Mopar SUPER stockers for Friday night entertainment if you like the sound of pure power anyway, dinner time made me want some more Mopar madness, cant help it, something about the Mopars even after talking with my wife about some old time back in the day cars that i did and had once, Chevelles, and a couple Impala SS cars (i did like those 63-64 Impala SS cars!) just not the same though... I don't have a real high horse power car right now but i will in time but as my son said a number of times, a Mopar has its own distinctive sound about them, thats the truth and even with a SB, they sound better then so many other makes, i love the idea that my one T-shirt says "It takes a real man to drive a Mopar", thats the truth, even back in the old days Chevy guys was always a little leery if you had a Mopar, most from past experience with them, some with only story's they heard, either way if you did have only a SB, you had a mental edge on them . :) Hope some will like another Mopar show, another story of success, i wonder where it will end up this time, "Super Stockers" Ummm, kind of reminds ya of racing! !cid_B88A49035A2540568842EDE605F65834@OwnerHP.gif Naa, just havin some fun after a great day trying to shed winter, i hope! The wind is blowing real hard here, lights have dimmed several times so the fun and nonsense may be over! cat-1.gif cat-1.gif cat-1.gif

Hello Ron, I watched both videos twice. They were filled with some great knowledge. I found them a lot more interesting after just visiting the Big Daddy museum. Thanks again fir sharing. How's the weather back there?
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