SOLD Coldcase 26” Radiator. Small Block. New. - $250

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    Jan 12, 2020
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    Coldcase radiator PN : MOP750A.

    accidentally ordered a small block w/ automatic transmission radiator so I have no need for it. Paid $400 for it back in May. Works on 66-74 A, B, C, E bodies.

    Has never had a drop of fluid in it.

    I’ll sell for $250 and whatever shipping is.

    0D6CEC76-8AE1-4AD8-9F9C-CDBB6BE71E30.jpeg 91134CFD-722B-4E89-98E1-8013EA0C681B.jpeg 630127A1-AEF0-4914-ABC9-3F84EFD3A96D.jpeg
Thread Status:
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