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Converter ID help

Dusty Dude

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Feb 13, 2023
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I know this is probably a long shot but I have to try. Pictured is the converter I took out of my 69 Coronet 500 which has a 1975 727 in it. At the time I got the car it had a 383 in it with a wiped out cam so I never drove it any further than from the transport trailer to my garage which is about a block. I replaced the converter with a Hughes unit during my year long rework of the engine and trans.
The pictures show the unit exactly as it looked when I took it out. It's like brand new. My problem is that I have no idea who made it or what the stall speed my be. I have searched everywhere I can think of to try and find one that's even the same color but no luck. I'm hoping someone might have some idea based on the photos as to who might have provided it.
I would like to offer it for sale as I will never use it but I want to be 100% truthful in my description. The OD is 10-1/2" so I assume it would be considered an 11" converter. The bolt lugs are all 7/16-20. Ring gear is 130T.
If anyone can offer some insight I would be very thankful.

If there’s no part number to look up you’re just going to be flat out guessing. If you measure 10.5 it’s more likely a 10 inch converter not 11. Also verified by the wider ring gear. It will be a higher stall than stock, and I’d be GUESSING anywhere between 2400-2800/3000,RPM stall.
only way for you to know what you really have is to install it and use and see what it stalls at in the front brake and without.
Good luck
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