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Cordoba passenger mirror same as 74 RR mirror?


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11:27 PM
Jul 6, 2020
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Plainfield, Indiana
Does anybody know if a cordoba passenger side mirror is the same as a 74 roadrunners mirror? I’m missing my passenger mirror and might have one at a junk yard. Thanks
Since 75 the mirrors changed a lot. Diff pedestal, diff attaching system, and they become remote on both sides, with the passenger side remote control made to fit down the ashtray

So, plug and play? No. It can be fitted? Yes, but will need to change driver side too to get a matched assembly on both sides... drill new holes on doors and get the backing plate from the late assembly too.
It's actually not as "easy" as drilling new holes.

75 and up have three studs on protruding "balls" that rest in corresponding "dimples" in the door.

You'd need to either cut the metal with the dimples off the donor door and weld it in, or cut/grind off the balls and drill the new holes, or, cut the studs off completely and drill/countersink new holes from the outside to mount them like 71-74.

I have a set but stopped working on them when I discovered all that.
A friend of mine installed on his 74 without dimples, just larger holes to accomodate those areas of mirrors.
I actually tried that on a parts car 74 with rusty doors.

The holes had to be VERY large to clear the balls, and then even with large washers, which didn't like the interior curvature, the mirror was wobbly.
The balls protruded past the sheet metal of the inside of the door.
I suppose a strong "cup" style washer or a cylindrical spacer would have worked.
Sounds like too much work just for the mirror, gonna see if I can find the correct one down the road. Thanks for the info