Decal and Stripe Kit Availability for Carlisle Delivery


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Mar 14, 2009
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Jasper, GA.
If you would like to pick up the stripe kit for your Mopar at the upcoming Carlisle show, we can have a freshly cut kit all cut and boxed for you to pick up. These kits are our Dale's Cuda Shop product line and are licensed Mopar restoration pieces featuring all of the details of the OEM stripes from back in the day. We will also be able to provide you with all of the detail decals as tire pressure, emissions, jacking instructions, etc. If you place your order prior to the event, you will be able to enjoy a couple dollar savings and it will be already pulled and ready for your pickup saving you some time for your weekend activities. I will just need for you to contact me with the vehicle specifications. Pricing for the various kits are as follows:

Specification Decal Kit
Anti freeze coolant decal, emissions decal, air cleaner decal, safety standards decal, tire pressure decal, jack base decal and jacking instructions decal: $36.50
Scat Pack Bee window decals: $10.00 per pair
Chrysler Air Temp decal: $10.00 each, NOS

Stripe Kits and Decals
68 Charger Tail Stripe: $49.00
69 Charger RT Tail Stripe: $105.00
69 Charger 500 Tail Stripe: $100.00
70 Charger Tail Stripe: $95.00
70 Charger Longitudinal Stripe: $95.00
70 Charger Hood Call Out Decal: $63.00
71 Charger Cowl and Side Stripes: $157.00
71 Charger Hood Stripe: $148.00
71 Super Bee Hood Stripe: $151.00
71 Super Bee Side Stripe: $157.00
68-69 Charger Hood Depression Decals: $9.00
69 Daytona Tail Stripe: $145.00
68 Road Runner Decal Kit w/o Decor Package: $20.00
68 Road Runner Decal Kit w/ Decor Package: $30.00
68 GTX Side Stripe Kit: $70.00, Non Reflective - $105.00 Reflective
69 GTX Side Stripe Kit: $35.00, Non Reflective - $60.00 Reflective
69 Road Runner Dual Sport Stripe Kit: $70.00
69 Road Runner "Bird" Decal Kit: $40.00
69.5 Road Runner A12 Hood Decal: $27.00
70 Road Runner Reflective Dust Stripe: $185.00
70 Road Runner Tail Stripe: $75.00, Non Reflective - $93.00 Reflective
70 Super Bird Nose Stripe: $95.00
70 Super Bird "Plymouth" Quarter Panel Decals: $50.00
70 Super Bird Wing Decals: $98.00
71 Road Runner Strobe Stripe: $132.00, Non Reflective - $164.00 Reflective
71 Road Runner GTX Hood Depression Decal Kit: $30.00
71 Road Runner GTX Back Bumper Black Out Decal Kit: $60.00
68 Coronet RT Tail Stripe: $73.00
68 Super Bee Tail Stripe: $126.00
69 Coronet RT Tail Stripe: $113.00
69 & 70 Super Bee Tail Stripe: $126.00
70 Coronet RT Tail Stripe: $75.00
70 Super Bee "C" Stripe: $145.00
69 Super Bee A12 Hood Decals: $35.00

We also have a number of stripes that have minor imperfections that would be great for your refrigerator, tool box, trailer, etc. These will be deeply discounted and will be on a first come, first serve basis. So make sure to ask about them at the show.

If you are wanting to order a particular stripe kit, please call or email me directly. For particular applications, I will need to know color preference, engine size, reflective or matt, etc. If your requesting a custom color or application, those orders will require a deposit and are non-returnable. Due to that these kits are made in house, I am requesting that all request be submitted by June 21st for Carlisle delivery.

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Ph. 404-643-5760